Tiffany + Casey | Seattle wedding photography

Tiffany and Casey are such a great couple and their wedding was so fun.  The bride got ready at Hotel Monaco in downtown Seattle and you could just feel the anticipation in the room.  Tiffany loves books and we were able to inclue her love for reading in both their engagement session and their wedding.  We went on a serious book tour, first the University of Washington library for their engagement session and then the Seattle Public Library for their first look.  I could not think of a better place to have this special moment.  Towering above on the top floor of the library, their first look took my break away.  We played in downtown with their wedding party and headed over to the Swedish Cultural Center for their ceremony and reception.  What a great day that celebrated this awesome couple.  Thanks for including me in your special day guys! Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-1ElmandOlivePhotography001ElmandOlivePhotography002Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-25ElmandOlivePhotography005









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Vendor list

Getting ready: Hotel Monaco

First look: Seattle Public Library

Venue: Swedish Cultural Center

colette + ryan. [wedding photograph] evergreen gardens.

This wedding was dreamy.  Evergreen Gardens is a stunning venue in Ferndale, WA.  The property is surrounded by impeccable gardens and towering evergreens.  There's a covered pavilion, gorgeous covered arch ways, playful swings, and the whole place feels like you stepped into The Secret Garden.  It also has separate places for the bride and groom to get ready.  This made it so easy to capture getting ready shots and head out to photograph their beautiful first look on the grounds.  Having everything in one location is such a bonus when planning logistics for a wedding day. I started photographing the beautiful bride, Colette, in her getting ready room and had fun shooting her wedding details around the gardens.  The first look happened in a private area of the many gardens and pathways.  Ryan's expression when he saw his bride for the first time was beautiful.  This is often my favorite part of a wedding.  There are no words to describe the look on a bride and groom's face when they see their beloved.  Most couples are choose to have this first look be an intimate time for the couple only before the ceremony.  I love the first look for so many reasons but I would say that for photography, it's particularly great because it allows for all formal portraits to happen before the ceremony.  After the bride and groom have seen each other, the bride/groom portraits, the family portraits, and the wedding party formals can all happen before the ceremony.  After you say 'I do,' you can all immediately start celebrating with your guests at the reception.

It was one of those days where we all thought a major rain storm was coming.  The bride was prepared with many white umbrellas and even had the ceremony set up in a alternative covered area.  With all of these precautions taken, the sun decided to come out and we never felt one drop.  About an hour before the wedding ceremony, the couple made the call to move the ceremony to its original outdoor location.  Everyone pitched in a before we knew it, a gorgeous outdoor wedding was taking place.

The bride and groom planned for such a beautiful wedding and reception.  Their dinner was spectacular (if you're looking for a caterer, check out Memorable Events and Catering).  There were wine and cheese pairings, a decadent spread of food and dessert (start drooling at the photos below) all with suggested wines.  Mmmm.  After dinner, guests could relax around the grounds and enjoy s'mores and drinks by the camp fire.  A friend of the couple's performed some beautiful music.  What a wedding.  I was honored to photograph your big day, Colette and Ryan!



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Venue: Evergreen Gardens located in Ferndale, WA

Caterer: Memorable Events and Catering located in Ferndale, WA.  I can't say enough positive things about Memorable Events.  Their food was divine.

Wedding cake and dessert table: Pure Bliss Desserts located in Bellingham, WA.  Mmmm.

kelsey + danny. [wedding photography] backyard wedding, ferndale events center.

You know when you meet someone for the first time and it feels like you've known them for decades?  That's how this whole wedding felt. Spending the day photographing Kelsey and Danny was like spending time with dear old friends.  They were so easy going and we immediately clicked. Even though this was a large wedding, it felt so intimate.  Kelsey and Danny are very loved -it showed in every detail of their wedding.

Ok, let's get to it.  Kelsey and Danny were married at Kelsey's childhood home just outside of Bellingham, WA.  I love when brides and grooms have meaningful locations for their wedding.  It adds such intimacy to the wedding photos.  The wedding rocked a spunky and surprisingly sweet goat, Trevor, you will see below.  Although to be fair, I honestly don't know any other goats.  During the ceremony, I ventured into Trevor's pasture to get some wide shots and he was very welcoming.  A fun first.

Also, how gorgeous is Kelsey's wedding dress?!  It was simple and vintage feeling.  So good.  Be sure to check out the surprise dance Kelsey and her bridesmaids performed for the boys.  It was amazing.  And as for the guys, check out the love note Danny wrote to Kelsey.  On a mirror.  In lipstick.  Such a sweet surprise for his bride.

I could go on and on about this wedding.  Keep your eyes peeled for more deliciousness when I share Kelsey and Danny's after wedding session.  This is a fun alternative to engagement photos.  Without further ado, please enjoy.


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Vendor list

Ceremony venue: Backyard wedding outside of Bellingham, WA

Reception venue: Ferndale Events Center.  Ferndale, WA.

Wedding coordinator: HM Wedding Planning.  Heather MacKay.  Bellingham, WA.

DJ: Andrew Bethman.  Ferndale, WA.

Caterer: Sandwich Odyssey.  Bellingham, WA.


lindsay + andrew. [wedding photography] married at squalicum boathouse.

I had so much fun photographing this wedding.  We had a gorgeous Bellingham day and to be so close to the Bellingham bay is such a bonus.  The bride got ready at her parent's home nearby and I was thrilled when I arrived to find the most amazing property.  We had such a blast playing in her parent's horse barn, tomato green house, the list could go on and on.  That's what I love about weddings -the unexpected.  You can plan your heart out for a wedding but on the day of it's so fun to be surprised and capture all of the beautiful moments!  Here's a sneak into this beautiful wedding. More coming! Elm & Olive wedding photographyElm & Olive wedding photography Elm & Olive Wedding photographyElm & Olive wedding photographyElm & Olive wedding photography

colette + ryan. [wedding photography] married at evergreen gardens.

What a beautiful wedding at the Evergreen Gardens with this fabulous couple.  I love it when a full rainy day forecast turns into a perfect wedding day with barely a drop of rain.  The possibilities for wedding photography was endless at this gorgeous venue.  I felt like a kid in a candy shop (or rather a popcorn shop, for those who know that I'm a popcorn fiend).  Colette and Ryan's wedding day was a blast: married in a gorgeous flower garden, a reception filled with camp fires, smores, wine pairings and INCREDIBLE food, stellar music.  Pretty much the perfect wedding.  Many more photos to share, here's a few to start.  (If you're looking for a gorgeous local venue, check out Wedding photography Bellingham, WA Elm & Olive

Wedding photography Elm & Olive Bellingham, WAWedding photography Elm & Olive Bellingham, WA

lisa + david [wedding photography] married at lake crescent lodge.

Wow.  This wedding blew me away.  It was intimate and simply lovely.  The couple had their wedding at Lake Crescent Lodge on the Olympic Peninsula.  They were married on the lake surrounded by close friends and family.  The lodge is a historic national park and was a stunning place to be married.  Oh and the ending to this night was amazing . . . the bride went in the lake, in her dress.  Yup, it was pretty incredible.  LOTS more photos coming soon, but until then here's a few early looks. Elm & Olive wedding photography Bellingham, WAElm & Olive wedding photography Bellingham, WAElm & Olive wedding photography Bellingham, WA