Model call!

Open model call!  

We're looking for a couple madly in love and a lovely solo lady for a wedding shoot this Sunday, April 12th.

It's going to be amazing. No experience necessary.

What we're looking for: A COUPLE in love and a solo LADY

When: Sunday, April 12th

Where: Snohomish area

What: Gown, professional hair and makeup provided. You'll receive photos as compensation.

Contact me and send a photo of yourself and your stats: Thanks!!



big announcement.

Many of you have watched my pregnant belly grow over the past year.  It is my great honor to announce the arrival of Finnegan Rye!  He was born January 17, 2014 and is the cutest, most delightful baby.  Nate and I are over the moon with our first child.  Who knew your heart could expand this widely.  I am loving being a momma and getting to know our little boy.  Here's a peek at sweet little Finn. _MG_5028 bw smaller


welcome to my new site.  so happy to have you here!  in addition to portrait/lifestyle photography, i'll continue to post my ongoing 365+1 project (posting an image everyday).  this year it's a 365+1 project.  you know, the leap year.

in honor of my new site, thought i'd include this image of my dear great grandmother celebrating her 103rd birthday.   it's one of my favorite celebration images.  cheers!


having moved around quite a bit i can truly say that place influences me more than almost any other factor.  all my adult life i have been searching for the place that is home.  where i belong through and through.  more than this though, i know that i will feel it in my bones that i have found my home. i have a wonderful man who has been my traveling partner and seeker of home as well.  we met at a young age and magic intervened to bring the two of us together.  it's been such a blast to share my life's story with him.  needless to say he understands my restless spirit.

for the first time in a decade of moving, we have broken the cycle and returned to a place we have lived before.  there were never a set of rules we were following, more the mantra 'the world is so big, why return to a place you've known before?'  but that's the thing about life, it's ours.  this place has made us happy like no other so why not give it another try.  since we left the first time, this place been returning in our dreams.  not a nightmare but rather a good friend who you miss.  so here we are.

i'm on a journey of reflection and healing, washing away the years we traveled up hill.  i'm thrilled to have set up our home and start the settling process.  it's a new experience, this settling.  having chosen the place deliberately feels like a gift.  i'm finding my place here.

{to photograph}

my love of photography began at a young age . . curious about the magic powers of cameras.  i began taking pictures everywhere i went whether i had a camera in hand or not.  the idea of always viewing the world as a series of photographs was  freeing.  i vividly remembering capturing in my mind the dancing rain drops which had gathered on our car's window.  it was beautiful and a gorgeous series of photographs, even if they were only accessible in my mind. after living in new york city for a few years and i am acutely aware of the importance of happiness.  i humbly and unabashedly seek happiness.  it is in the spirit of this search that, if i am so lucky to choose, i choose what has made me truly happy since i was a child: to photograph.