lisa + david. engaged.

For anyone who's never been to Bellingham, there's a little treat waiting for you.  It's a vine growing on the side of building on a fairly busy street with a railroad track close by.  You could drive past it a million times and never notice but if you look closely, you'll see it's in the perfect shape of a heart.  Once you see it, you'll never not notice it again.  I was excited when Lisa and David suggested their engagement session include this darling heart.  We braved a chilly afternoon and what turned out to be a very active railroad day.  A few surprise shots happened with a train that caught me on one side and the couple on the other.  Rather than wait out the long train, some pretty cool shots happened thanks to an intuitive couple who could see me shooting them between the train cars.  Here's a peek into our day.  Hope you see a little love growing in an unexpected place in your city.