Courtney and Ryan // Wedding Photography

You know what? Sometimes it rains on your wedding day. It did on mine. And it did for this lovely couple, too. They say rain is good luck and I'm going on 12 years of marriage so I vote that "they" are onto something. This wedding was about as lovely as they get. It was romantic, effortless, and filled with love. When it started down pouring, the couple and I ran into a nearby greenhouse. THIS is why you find a venue with amazing grounds. This venue produces all of their own food for their weddings. Plus green houses are my secrete favorite indoor place to photograph. Because the lighting is AMAZING, I mean you're basically outdoors. The bride wore a dress from Anthropologie's bridal line, gah. If you haven't heard of their line, look at these photos below and then head over to to swoon over their dresses. I can't say enough good things about this couple or this wedding. I only wish I could go back to this day and do it all over again. It might rain on your wedding day, but that means you'll be joining an elite group of us that had this lucky occurrence too. You're in good company.