Credit: Emily Jane Photography

Credit: Emily Jane Photography

Hi there!

Hi there! I'm Kat Kepler, owner of Elm & Olive. I am a natural light and lifestyle photographer. I photograph families, maternity, seniors and weddings. I'm located in the Grand Haven, MI area and available throughout Michigan. 

As a momma of 2 littles, photography has taken on an even bigger meaning in my life, capturing time and allowing me to revisit my memories. I learned photography from my grandfather, a former film portrait photographer. My photography is film inspired, light and airy.

A few snippets about me .. 

  1. I ADORE being a momma. My heart has never been more full with my 2 little ones.

  2. I have a golden retriever who was my first baby.

  3. I got married on a beach in Costa Rica.

  4. 4 is my favorite number.

  5. I had a run in with a grizzly bear in Yellowstone (also where I met my husband). 

  6. If I could eat one food for the rest of my life, it'd be popcorn. Hands down. And coffee (I realize that's not a food but let's honest, I also couldn't live without it).

  7. Boho-chic is my inner spirit animal. Give me all the flower crowns.

  8. I'm madly in love with my husband. We've been married for 11 years, can't wait for 111 more. 

Credits: Emily Jane Photography

Credits: Emily Jane Photography