Open model call!  

We’re looking for a couple madly in love and a lovely solo lady for a wedding shoot this Sunday, April 12th.

It’s going to be amazing. No experience necessary.

What we’re looking for: A COUPLE in love and a solo LADY

When: Sunday, April 12th

Where: Snohomish area

What: Gown, professional hair and makeup provided. You’ll receive photos as compensation.

Contact me and send a photo of yourself and your stats: Thanks!!



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This wedding felt like a dream and is about as PNW as it gets.  It was intimate and personal and everything a wedding should be.  Cindi and Scott gathered a small group of their closest friends and family and got married on a suspension bridge over a gorgeous river.  Makes you want to get married all over again, doesn’t it??

So many things stood out to me at this wedding but my favorite was the simplicity.  With nature as their backdrop, Cindi + Scott let their love speak for itself.  What an honor it was to photograph your stunning wedding -I wish you all good things.

001-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 002-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 004-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 003-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 005-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 006-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 007-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 008-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive

Photos by Elm and Olive_ Blog015 012-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive
013-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 014-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 015-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive
017-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 018-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 019-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 020-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 021-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 022-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive
024-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 025-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 026-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 027-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 029-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 030-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 028-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 031-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 032-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive


Photos by Elm and Olive_ Blog069 040-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 042-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 043-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 044-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 045-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 046-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 047-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 048-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 049-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 050-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive

071-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 051-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 052-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 053-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 060-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 054-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 062-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 055-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 056-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 057-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 058-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 059-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive Photos by Elm & Olive


067-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 068-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 069-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 070-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive 072-Photos_by_Elm_and_Olive


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Love poured from this charming Snohomish, WA wedding and what a better day to feature it than on Valentine’s Day! The bride and groom are some of my favorite people.  When I met Stephanie and heard about her and Kyile’s love story, I knew this wedding was going to be incredible. While Kyile served in the military, Stephanie and Kyile started sending love letters to each other. This became an important part of their relationship and they knew they wanted to have love letters represented at their wedding. When you walked into the reception, framed love letters the couple had sent to each other over the years covered the walls. Isn’t this an awesome idea? Right before the first look, Stephanie gave her groom one last love letter. It gave me goosebumps to see Kyile get emotional reading the letter from his soon-to-be wife. The couple went all out for making this wedding truly them.

There really isn’t anything as good as a couple madly in love. It makes my job a synch. Ok and it makes for authentic, beautiful photos which are my favs, always and forever.

Would you have any idea that the wedding was supposed to be at an entirely different venue? A little secret, this bride and groom win the award for staying the most chill ever. Just a few days before the big day, the weather was looking down right bad. And you know for us in the PNW, we don’t freak out over a few rain drops. The bride rolled with the changes and made everything come together beautifully. Switched the entire wedding to a different venue and I couldn’t have imagined it any better.  Seriously, this wedding sang charm and romance.

The lovely details made this wedding stand out. Oh and the charming chandeliers. And the incredible food. I could tell you about the food for hours.  Instead let me just tell you it was divine.  The bride’s mother owns a fabulous catering business, Celebrate Catering, in Snohomish, WA and left no detail untouched. From a caprese bar during the cocktail hour to an ice-cream and s’more station at dusk, the wedding was stunning. Red and gold decor brought the venue to life with beautiful flowers and table decor.

So happy you are finally living your dream of being together as husband and wife, Stephanie + Kyile.  xoxo

Elm & Olive photography Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-002 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-003 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-004 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-005 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-006 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-007 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-008 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-009 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-010 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-011 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-012 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-013 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-014

Photos by Elm & Olive photography

Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-015 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-016 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-017 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-018 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-019 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-020 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-021 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-022 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-023 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-024 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-025 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-026 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-027 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-028 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-029 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-030 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-031 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-032 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-033 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-034 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-035 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-036 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-037 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-038 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-039 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-041 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-042 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-043 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-044 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-045 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-046 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-040 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-047 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-048 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-049 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-050 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-051 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-052 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-053 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-054 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-055 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-056 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-057 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-058 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-059 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-060 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-061 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-062 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-063 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-064 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-065 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-066 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-067 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-068 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-069 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-070 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-071 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-072 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-073 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-074 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-075 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-076 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-077 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-078 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-079 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-080 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-081 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-082 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-083 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-084 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-085 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-086 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-087 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-088 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-089 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-090 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-091 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-092 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-093 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-094 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-095 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-096 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-097 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-098 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-099 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-100 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-101 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-102 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-103 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-104 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-105 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-106 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-107 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-108 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-109 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-110 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-111 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-112 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-113 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-114 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-115 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-116 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-117 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-118 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-119 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-120 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-121 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-122 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-123 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-124 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-125 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-126 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-127 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-128 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-129 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-130 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-131 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-132 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-133 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-134 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-135 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-136 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-137 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-138 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-139 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-140 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-141 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-142 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-143 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-144 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-145 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-146 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-147 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-148 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-149 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-150 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-151 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-152 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-153 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-154 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-155 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-156 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-157 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-158 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-159 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-160 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-161 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-162 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-163 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-164 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-165 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-166 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-167 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-168 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-169 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-170 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-171 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-172 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-173 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-174 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-175 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-176 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-177 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-178 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-179 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-180 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-181 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-182 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-183

Vendor list

Photography: Elm & Olive

Venue: Dairyland Farms

Floral: Flowers by Tiffany

Cake: Kelli’s Creations

Invites: Minted

Makeup/hair: Posh Styling

Dress: Laineemeg Bridal

DJ: Girl meets boy

Catering: Celebrate! Catering

Videographer: Brittany Bachman


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What an absolute joy this family is.  We met up on a lovely morning last summer at Lincoln Park in Seattle.  Being from Bellingham, I always get excited to shoot in places that are new to me.  We played away the morning and even got the pups in and some Seahawks love!  This little sweet pea and my Finn are really close in age, it was fun to chat all morning about our babies.  She seriously captured my heart -she was so happy!!  Thank you, Sunde family for allowing me to photograph this special time in your family’s life.

Photos by Elm & Olive Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-002 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-003 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-004 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-005 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-006 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-007


Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-010 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-011


Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-012 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-014 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-015 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-016 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-017 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-018 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-019 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-020 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-021 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-022 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-023 Elm & Olive photography Elm & Olive photography Elm & Olive photography Elm & Olive photography

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I am thrilled to announce that Elm & Olive made the list for Best of 2015 weddings for The Knot!  What a huge honor!  I couldn’t have done this without such incredible couples over the years.  I am seriously so fortunate to have your support.  Looking forward another great year of telling love stories.



Best of 2015


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What are you up to Wednesday, November 5th?   Come to Hotel Bellwether from 5-7 to meet Elm & Olive!  There will be many wonderful local wedding vendors to meet and greet as you enjoy a mock cocktail hour!

No need to RSVP, stop by and say hi!  I can’t wait to meet you!

Hotel Bellwether | 1 Bellwether Way, Bellingham, WA 98225 | (360) 392-3100

Here’s who will be there:

  • Yours truly, Kat with Elm & Olive
  • Belle Bridal | local Bellingham dress shop (gorgeous dresses)
  • Ever After Events | Zeina from Ever After Events is awesome!  She does beautiful design work and have so many great ideas!
  • Botanikal Floral Design | Colleen from Botanikal does GORGEOUS flowers.  She’s a must for any wedding.
  • Mad Batter Cupcakes & Confections |They guys are in Fairhaven, I’ve been meaning to check them out.  They’re where Katie’s Cupcakes used to be (mmmm … and now I want a cupcake)
  • Reflexions Salon
  • Wannadance DJ

Photo by Elm and Olive 162

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I’m finally getting caught up with blogging and it was a treat to relive this session!!  Oh Amber, you are gorgeous.  This beautiful senior and I played the afternoon away at a charming orchard near Bellingham.  There’s just something magical about orchards, isn’t there?  We had beautiful soft light for Amber’s session and she seriously rocked it.  She’s not only such a sweet girl but hilarious and beautiful to boot!  Oh and check out her awesome tattoo!

ElmandOlivePhotography001 Photos-by-Elm-and-Olive-10












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